The BubbleUP Team

The passionate people behind our great success.

We like to consider ourselves a Jack of All Trades, Master of All of Them! Our talented mix of people who all specialize in different aspects of marketing, making sure we never need to outsource our services. With team members specializing in design, development, digital marketing, content creation, strategy, project management, and more, you’re guaranteed to find that special someone who will bring your project to life!

Angie Melnyk

Artistic Organizer

Lydia Fleming

Sentence Sorcerer

Jason Vance

Concept Champion

Dennis Dimangondayao

Code Whisperer

Andrzej Zadora

Advertising Alchemist

Beth Sopracolle

Pantones Pirate

Ceone Fournier

Opportunity Creator

Bonny Piska

Herder of Cats

Penny Snell

Pantones Pirate

Dana Miller

Number Ninja

Andrew Sebok

IT Wizard

Mathew Hrappstead

Opportunity Creator

Richela Solatorio

Brand Connoisseur

Curtis Lokszyn

Pantones Pirate

Mark Phillips

Digital Marketing Dynamo

Tama Phiri

Content Chameleon

Amanda Graf

Sentence Sorcerer

Megan Doell

Sentence Sorcerer

Christine Oyson

Efficiency Conductor

Brenda Delurey

Initiative Integrator

Surajit Baidya

Digital Marketing Dynamo

Dennis Lachance

Opportunity Creator

Richard Corbin

Marketing Alchemist

Geoff Wusyk

Opportunity Creator