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SEO Services can improve your website’s reach and impact!

When potential customers are searching for items related to your business, 65% of users will only click on the first five results, and 25% of users will click on the top result and that’s it. Even if your business is perfect for what someone is looking for, if you aren’t on the first page of Google the majority of users will never find you. That’s why you need Edmonton SEO services for your Edmonton business! Optimizing your website for search engines is the only way to get on that first page of Google and ensure as much organic traffic to your site as possible.

Organic search is where a user searches for something specific to your business and Google recognizes that your website covers what the user is looking for. We use a variety of SEO techniques and strategies to put your business in front of as many people as possible. We use both on-page SEO and off-page SEO strategies to boost your rankings and get you more traffic and leads. SEO is more than just keywords, it’s about page layout, metadata, link building, content updates and creation, and more! Our Edmonton SEO professionals will meet with you to discuss your business, find all the relevant information and keywords to focus on, then work on your website consistently to improve your rankings! SEO services is an iterative process, meaning we’ll work month after month and continue making changes to get your business the best SEO results possible! Our Edmonton SEO team is experienced and able to help you win when it comes to optimizing your website for search. Keep reading to see how our Edmonton SEO experts have helped clients get to the top of Google and vastly improve their revenue!

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SEO Client Results

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients to improve their website’s SEO. With over a decade in business, our clients have seen year over year improvements in organic search traffic, leads, and revenue!

Across the board, we’ve seen a 148% increase in traffic to our SEO clients. Clients are more than doubling the number of users that come to their websites. Studies have shown that prioritizing website traffic is one of the most effective tools in increasing conversions and sales. Conversion rates tend to sit at around 4% and it can be costly and time consuming to change that, so prioritizing an increase in traffic is an effective way to more than double your conversions!

With SEO content strategies, we’ve helped an Edmonton law client become a featured snippet on a variety of relevant topics and keywords! That means that anywhere in the world when people are searching for law help, his business is the first thing Google users see!

Our Edmonton SEO specialists work on every page of our client websites, optimizing them to bring more traffic to each page, ensuring the highest traffic rates possible.

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Professional Edmonton SEO Services for best ROI

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SEO Audits

Here at BubbleUP Marketing, we start our SEO process with an audit. We’ll run your website through an extensive SEO audit that looks at your page structure, on-page elements (the written text, are your images and other media elements optimized, are there broken links, etc.), currently ranking keywords, and finally the performance metrics (how fast your website loads, is the code optimized, how your website is hosted, and more). Once we have a clear understanding of how your website’s SEO is currently, we’ll use this audit to guide our strategy and create a full, effective SEO campaign.

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Market/Keyword Research

We’ll work with you to find the keywords that will benefit your business and also properly reflect who you are. We’ll use a range of tactics and technologies to determine which keywords your customer base is searching for, and use this information to send them to your website. Our team will perform advanced keyword research to ensure that every searchable aspect of your business is properly reflected on your website. We’ll optimize individual pages to reflect these keywords and work to have your website ranking for a wide variety of keywords.

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Local SEO

SEO can be general, but when it comes to your business a localized SEO strategy will often be the most impactful tool to growing your business. Local SEO starts with NAP services where our team of Edmonton SEO experts will ensure that your name, address, and phone number are consistent across all platforms. We’ll also start citation building, this is where we reach out to local and industry-relevant directories to create backlinks and help grow your website’s domain authority. Our team will also put together, or optimize if you have a current one, a Google My Business (MB) page where we will ensure your business’ relevant information and targets are reflected correctly. GMBs allow you to gather reviews which builds a sense of trust and social ‘proof’ amongst your prospective customers.

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Web Work and Analytics

We’ll work in the back end of your website to ensure that every aspect of your CMS is optimized for search engines. We’ll monitor the analytics of your website and provide comprehensive reports and strategies to best improve your SEO. A large part of SEO optimization is through the performance of your website. Loading times, photo size, form fills, page indexing, and other aspects of how users interact with your website can impact your Google rankings. If a page loads too slow or a website doesn’t respond correctly, your search engine rankings can plummet. Our SEO specialists will look at the technical side of your website and optimize it for search — improving your loading speed, increasing responsiveness, and more!

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Link Building

We’ll design and implement a link building strategy to better improve your SEO. Link building is obtaining links from other websites which in turn gains domain authority from search engines. The better your domain authority, the better your organic search results. Our team will create a strategy that works for your business, whether it’s guest posts on other websites or adding your website to different catalogues, we’ll ensure your website’s domain authority is consistently growing.

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SEO is not just technical. Writing for SEO is a specific tactic that we can implement on your website. We’ll take your most important pages and rework the headings and content so that the content on your webpages are easily read by search engines, properly reflect your keywords list, and improve your organic reach. We have a dedicated team of copywriters who specialize in writing for SEO. We can rewrite content on your website, add new, specific pages, as well as create and implement a blog strategy for constant website content updates. Consistent, new content on your website is an important part of optimizing your website for search engines.

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Why You Need SEO





SEO Services can improve your website’s reach and impact!

Optimizing your website for search engines is the most effective way to increase your organic reach for your website. SEO allows search engines to better ‘read’ your webpages and serve your website to a wider audience. Websites with poor SEO and organic traffic have far less conversions and sales than websites that focus on organic search traffic. If your website is not on the first page of Google for your primary keywords, your website isn’t being viewed by 90% of people who could greatly benefit from your business. Bringing the majority of your web traffic through ads is costly and less effective than organic search. Organic traffic converts at a much higher rate than ad traffic. If you optimize your site for high volume, impactful keywords, you’ll find far greater results than simply increasing your ad budget. 

SEO is more than just keywords, though, and includes hundreds of factors such as page-load time, mobile responsiveness, links, and proper layout, as well as using the right keywords in the right way.

Our team is well equipped in improving your website’s SEO and online presence. We’ll perform keyword research to help reach the right markets and make improvements to your website that will not only make your website more optimized for search engines, but will also increase your user experience.

Why Trust BubbleUP with Your SEO?

BubbleUP Marketing has been helping clients with their SEO needs since 2008. Our Edmonton SEO specialists are all highly skilled and experienced in ensuring clients’ websites are optimized both on-page and off page. At BubbleUP Marketing, we’re committed to results and a relentless pursuit of ROI. Our entire team focuses on getting our clients the results they want. We seek to be transparent in everything we do and perform regular check-ins to ensure our strategies align with what our clients hope to achieve. We never fake our SEO results, when you work with BubbleUP Marketing, you’ll receive access to a platform that shows exactly where you rank for every keyword you want us to focus on. Our team will ensure you know exactly what is working when it comes to our Edmonton SEO services.

Catelyn Siracky
Catelyn Siracky
I have been communicating with them back and forth regarding a couple projects. I’m impressed with the professionalism, speed, and quality of their work. Thanks again!
Lisa McInnes
Lisa McInnes
What a treat working with Mathew, Angie, Krystal and the whole team. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and create a website that I feel really captures who I am. Thanks all!
Kyle McManus
Kyle McManus
BubbleUP Marketing consistently shows excellence and expertise in web design, SEO, and digital marketing.
Lori Power
Lori Power
Working with Bubble up means working with a company that listens and responds in what matters most--your success
Chris Manolache
Chris Manolache
We had the pleasure of working with Ceone and Joel on rebranding our company logo and updating our website and they did a fantastic job. The communication throughout the process was excellent and the finished product exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend BubbleUp Marketing!
Benjamin Matthew
Benjamin Matthew
We have worked with Angie at BubbleUP on many print and design projects for our company branding. Every time she has gone above and beyond to make sure she met our needs, and that we loved the end product! It is so nice to know we have a one stop shop for anything print related, and that Angie knows us and our brand so well to keep things consistent, yet fresh and current with the newest design trends. We continue to look forward to working with Angie and her team at BubbleUP for our future projects!
Dr. Michael Robinson
Dr. Michael Robinson
BubbleUp put together some posters for me. The job was done very quickly and the posters turned out great.
Ron Sutherland
Ron Sutherland
From quick response time to quick turn around time- working with Angie at BubbleUP Marketing has been an absolute pleasure. The process was simple, easy and the staff were extremely helpful when we picked up our products. Highly recommend to all! Thank you Angie for the care you put into our order and your excellent customer service!

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