Professional Graphic Design in Edmonton

Bring your brand to life with dynamic visuals and custom graphics. Our amazing graphic designers can create every visual you need for a cohesive brand.

Having a cohesive brand that is recognizable is incredibly important for marketing. Brand packages provide guidelines for all your future marketing creatives. From image choices, colour, and fonts to tone and value systems, your brand defines who your business is and what it stands for.

Edmonton Graphic Design Services


Logo Design

Your logo is the most memorable part of your brand, it’s the first thing customers see and it defines who you are. Make sure you’re defining the right parts of your brand. Our skilled design team can create a sleep, modern logo that is recognizable and distinguishes you from your competitors.

Corporate Brand Package

Your corporate image is incredibly important for your brand identity. Consistent images and graphics can lead to more brand recognition and better customer trust. We can create a corporate brand package that will set you above your competitors and provide you with a strong base for your visual identity. Items in a corporate brand package can include corporate colours, fonts, and visual style guides, as well as letterhead, brochures templates, email signatures design.


Print Design

Print pieces are still important in the digital age. Whether you’re looking for printed brochures, signage, trade show displays, or any other printed piece you might need, we can help you with all your printing needs. We’ll design something amazing and make it’s printed properly, using high quality materials.

Ad Creation

A well designed ad is an incredibly important part of your marketing strategy. No matter how well set up your program is, if the ads don’t resonate with your audience, you won’t get clicks. Our team will create eye catching and memorable ads that fit your brand.


Email Newsletter Templates

If you’re looking to send emails to your customer base, you’ll want to ensure the templates you use follow your brand guidelines and are interesting to look at. Creating a template that uses the right colours, fonts, images, and design-knowhow can be tricky, let one of our ‘pantones pirates’ create something magnificent that will help your business shine.

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