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What We’re Doing At BubbleUP Amidst COVID-19

While the Alberta Health Authority states that the risk level of contracting COVID-19 remains low, we will continue to respond according to the government and health organizations’ best practices. 

Our team members are being asked to constantly self-evaluate and stay home if they are ill, and as of today no staff members or their families have shown any signs of symptoms related to the virus.

  • We have cancelled all in-person client meetings and switched to virtual meeting spaces. We are able to video chat, talk on the phone, share computer screens, and easily share files.
  • We have increased office cleaning procedures. Staff members are asked to wash their hands more than usual, and disinfectant is being provided to all workspaces. 
  • All travel has been suspended.
  • Staff members can work remotely, if the requirement arises. 

We have contingency plans to ensure deadlines are met and promises fulfilled. We will continue to provide updates as the situation changes, and please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 


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BubbleUP Marketing

BubbleUP believes in results-driven marketing. With 13 years of experience serving over 700 clients and a core staff of 20 employees – we understand the value of measuring success, and realizing a return on your investment in BubbleUP’s services.