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The Importance of SEO Content

SEO rich content is a particular writing style that uses keywords, layouts, word count, and other SEO research to create content with the intention of ranking. Content that is written for SEO tends to be more specialized, as it requires the ability to fit as many applicable keywords as possible while still maintaining readability and aesthetics (also referred to as U/X). In this blog we will explore what SEO Content is, and why it’s an important part of your marketing strategy. 

What is SEO Content?

SEO content is content written with a lens for search engines. SEO is an acronym for ‘search engine optimization’, which means that you are optimizing a web page so that search engines (such as Google) are able to find and determine that the webpage is relevant to searchers. SEO Content is any form of web content that is written to be easily searchable and attract significant traffic from search engines. 

What is Keyword Research?

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Keyword research is the act of looking for words and phrases that people are searching. For example, if you are an accountant, you will want someone to perform keyword research on types of accounting services, your location, accounting questions, and more. This keyword research (the type of keyword, how often it’s searched, the keyword difficulty, etc.) can then be used to create an SEO Content strategy. Keyword research is highly important for writing SEO Content, as the keywords drive the bus and layout how the content is written. 

The Different Kinds of Keywords

There are four general types of keywords: informational, commercial, navigational, and transactional.

Informational keywords are a keyword or phrase that indicate someone is looking for specific information regarding their question. An example of informational keywords may be ‘amount of caffeine in coffee’.

Commercial keywords are related to a business, service, or brand. An example of a commercial keyword would be ‘new Starbucks drink flavour’.

Navigational keywords are keywords related to someone trying to get to a specific website or page. For example, simply Google searching ‘Starbucks Canada’.

Transactional keywords indicate that someone wants to find a product and purchase it, or they are intending to complete an action. An example of a transactional keyword would be ‘Starbucks near me with drive thru’.

Why Content is Important for SEO

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Content has become one of the most valuable SEO tactics. There are many reasons for this. Consistently new and updated content is a factor search engines consider when ranking the domain authority and relevance of a website. More content and web pages also allows you to rank for a wider range of keywords, ensuring that your content gains more traffic. Search engines have highly sophisticated algorithms that can determine whether or not the information presented on a web page will be relevant to readers. By ensuring that your content is optimized, you will bring far more traffic to your website. Search engines look at the following primary factors to determine relevance:

  • Keywords and keyword placement within the content
  • Length of content
  • Outward going links
  • Interlinking to other aspects of the website
  • Readability
  • Images
  • And More

The majority of online searches are informational in nature. Good quality content that answers the questions of searchers delivers these massive benefits:

  1. Your business is positioned as an expert resource in your field. 
  2. Your website begins to rank for more of these keywords associated with products/services your business provides. 
  3. You satisfy searcher intent and open the door to future business opportunities with site visitors that are looking for solutions that your company provides. 
  4. Other websites in your niche begin to link to yours as a quality resource. Sales/product pages don’t earn backlinks, but informational, helpful content does. 
  5. Your website’s domain authority increases and pumps up rankings for all keywords across your site.

What Kind of Content is Good for SEO?

There are plenty of types of content that benefit SEO. Here are some of the most common (and beneficial) types of SEO Content. 

  1. Blogs
  2. Service Pages
  3. Product Pages
  4. Case Studies
  5. Videos
  6. And more. 
types of SEO content
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Blogs are one of the most common types of SEO content. This is because blogs are easy to update regularly, don’t require a lot of web work, have custom URLs related to specific keywords, and allow your website to rank for a wide variety of informational, navigational, commercial, and transactional keywords. Blog posts are engaging, answer your customers’ questions, and they are highly flexible. If you’re looking to create a steady stream of content optimized for SEO, blogs are a fantastic place to start.

Service Pages

For a business, having your service pages optimized is incredibly important for transactional and commercial keywords. Service pages explain to customers exactly what they’d be getting when they work with your business. If you provide a service, ensure that your pages are optimized to put you ahead of your competition.

Product Pages

Much like service pages, product pages are used primarily for transactional and commercial keywords. You can put your products front and centre by finding the right keywords associated with the products you sell. 

Case Studies

Not only are case studies great for bragging about how awesome you are, case studies also allow you to rank for keywords specific to your business’ services. Search engines look for websites with case studies as they provide proof of customer satisfaction as well as an opportunity to post videos and images. 


Videos are fantastic SEO content. Search engines specifically look for video content on a website, and a well made video that is optimized both on a website and a streaming service (such as YouTube) will help showcase your video and your company to a wide audience.

Are You Ready to Rank?

BubbleUP Marketing can help you with all your SEO Content needs. Our team of SEO gurus and writing wizards will ensure that the content we craft helps your business rank. Our team specializes in creating content that will boost your Google rankings and bring in valuable traffic. If you’re ready to grow your business and start ranking, contact us!

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