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4 Ways to Leverage AI in Your Business Today

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in every form can be described as a black box, creating the illusion that computers will replace the need for people. Without a guide, AI can only sort information, but it needs the right inputs and classifications to know what the next step is. As marketing trends continue to adjust with new technologies, AI is one tool that has transformed the reach of your brand.

Back to basics: What is AI?

AI is rooted in the question of thought: Can a machine think like a human? Since Alan Turing first asked the question in 1950, popular films and shows have found unique ways to bring computers to life and explore the possibilities. In reality, AI is at play in our online habits, how we receive curated content on social media and everyday business transactions. The purpose of AI is to find ways to automate everyday processes that are time-consuming. Make the data work for you, not the other way around! 

When was the last time you reached for your phone or turned to your smart device to ask Google, Siri, or Alexa a question? These useful tools are trained to perform a specific task, such as scheduling an event, setting a timer, calling from your device, and answering bizarre questions. The power of AI tools comes from their ability to learn and optimize data in real time while adapting to new information or inputs and responding accordingly. Sound familiar? While it may be understated, this is at play in the customer journey when they interact with your brand.

Identifying the Relationship between AI and Marketing

Marketing lets you connect with your customers and build a cohesive brand narrative. AI and marketing take it a step further, helping you to create personalized messages to customers throughout the customer journey. Within your marketing strategy, your target audiences are those currently interacting with your brand, purchasing products or services based on a given need. Your prospective target audiences are those who you want to introduce to your brand based on their needs, demographics, and personalities. AI can help you to identify these new audiences and create specific segments. So how does this happen?

Targeted ad campaigns identify online consumer behaviours, regions, and interests. If they need roof repairs, cleaning services, or specialty products, your ads will appear in their online feeds. Each ad incorporates specific keywords associated with your brand and product, so when an online user searches for these terms, your brand will start to appear. AI can help elevate your brand by increasing conversions. Another aspect of AI in marketing is the use of predictive analytics. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Framed as an If/ Then action, AI can help you to create personalized journeys within your website depending on what pages visitors click first.

Digital marketing as a field is constantly evolving as new technologies arise, and our approaches adapt to bring you the most effective tools to make your business a success.

4 AI tools to utilize in your brand

ChatGPT is taking the world by storm, creating beautiful yet random poems, helping you draft a response to a tricky email, or offering automated images to fit your project better than a stock photo. These tools can be used for fun, but they also serve an important purpose in your everyday business operations.

Image generating software: Apps such as Midjourney are continuing to push the bounds of brand creatives. Whether you need a background image or are looking for a unique and tasteful visual for your brand on a budget, these tools can help to grab the attention of the viewer while staying true to your vision. Other image generating softwares currently available include Canva’s latest AI feature, and Ad Creative.IO

Calendar AI: Stay up to date with upcoming events, meetings, and launches with scheduling software. If you offer bookings through your website, calendar schedulers allow for new client meetings to be seamlessly added to each calendar, with event links and reminders built in. Your daily routines can be simplified and shared with other members of your team to increase transparency.

ChatGPT: When used with a purpose, ChatGPT can help speed up research through well-developed prompts. ChatGPT can be used to fit the individual needs of each member of your team. With the ability to create images, text or videos, it was created with the intention of helping each user to have access to accurate and helpful information.

Chatbots: How many times have you visited a site looking for more information about a service but needed specific information that is not present? A chatbot is just one of many helpful plug-ins that can be added to your website to increase leads from potential customers. Chatbots allow the user to ask a specific question about a service, product, or question about your brand. Based on frequently asked questions, the chatbot can be trained to respond accordingly based on the type of question asked by looking for specific keywords.

What is the future of AI?

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AI is an incredible tool that is accessible and easy to use, but there is hesitation surrounding its use. At the end of the day, we are constantly drawn back to the same question: Will AI replace my job? Designed to automate tasks to streamline your business, the reality of AI’s future is that while it can automate some aspects of the job, it will never replace the need for marketing. 

What AI lacks in personality is found in the creativity and desire to see change happen in your industry, and that is something that only people can bring to the table. Rather, AI can only replicate what it has been taught through datasets and examples of work. At the end of the day,  you are still the ultimate decision maker and AI tools can be leveraged to bring your business to the next level.

Curious about how you can better leverage AI as you build your brand? Our team can help! BubbleUP Marketing is Edmonton’s best digital marketing agency. We strive to come to any challenge with curiosity, always on the lookout for something new that can help our clients get the most out of their marketing efforts. If you are interested in learning more about AI marketing, contact us today!

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