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How Retargeting Ads Work

how retargeting ads work

In this episode of In the Bubble, we answer the question of how retargeting ads work! Retargeting is an effective and important part of your marketing strategy, but not many people know what retargeting is or how it works. Watch as BubbleUP Concept Champion, Jason Vance, explains what retargeting advertising is and what the benefits of retargeting are!

How does retargeting work?

Retargeting uses a website’s cookies to serve ads to a potential customer who has visited your site. I’m sure you’ve been on a website, thought about buying something but left, and next thing you know you’re seeing display ads for the very products you had just viewed. Sometimes that can be the final factor to convince you to make that purchase. And that’s the power of retargeting ads! If someone has visited your website for a meaningful amount of time, you’ll have access to that data and be able to serve them retargeting ads. 

Do you need retargeting ads?

Retargeting ads can be an incredibly powerful tool, and can certainly benefit your business! Retargeting ads are a great way to reconnect with a potential or previous customer, as well as help them remember the business and/or product they were looking at and may have gotten distracted from. One of our opportunity creators would be happy to talk with you and find out if retargeting ads would be beneficial for your business!

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