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Facebook’s Latest Feature Lets You Target People Who Have Attended Your Events

Those RSVPs in Your Page Events Just Got More Valuable!

Facebook released its new advertising feature this week. Users can now create Custom Audiences of people who have responded to events they share on the platform – whether that response was “yes, I’m going” or “no, I’m busy”.

What does this mean for businesses who advertise on Facebook? There are a few things:

1. Lookalike Audiences

Businesses can now create lookalike audiences of people who have attended their events. This means that ads will be shown only to people who are similar to those who have attended events in the past. Ads targeted in this way may be more likely to yield results, meaning more bodies in the door during important announcements and get-togethers. Learn how moonstone jewelry is doing it.

2. Long-term retargeting

Businesses will now be able to retarget people who have attended an event in the last 180 days, meaning those who show up for a customer appreciation night or an official launch will experience more consistent brand exposure. For example, if a boutique shoe shop hosted an event for the launch of a new product line, the boutique could now target people who showed interest in the product by attending. This increases the likelihood that attendees will purchase post-event than if they were not retargeted.

3. Building Potential

One of the greatest capabilities of event-based targeting will be strengthening connections with those who showed interest in a particular event. In the past, people would click “interested in going”, and that would be that. There was no way for businesses to follow up with that group of people, other than posting within the group and hoping to convince interested folks to change their response to “attending”. Now, ad account owners will be able to reach out to people who were interested but did not attend with content that is specifically tailored to them. This is a great way to build brand awareness and warm this audience to your products or services.

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