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5 Things Your Marketing Account Manager Should Never Say

If you’ve heard these lines from your representative, you may want to consider going elsewhere.

Hiring a marketing agency to work with your business isn’t a decision to be made lightly. With so many options to choose from, it’s essential that you are able to decipher the best from the, well, not-so-great.

One of the best ways to determine if you are speaking with a qualified, experienced marketing agency is to look for any red flags when speaking to their sales reps or account managers. Whoever is selling you on marketing services should be clear, concise, and willing to answer your toughest questions.

We’ve put together a list of phrases that should ping on your radar when speaking to a marketing account manager.

If your representative makes comments similar to these when speaking to you, you may be dealing with a novice or dishonest agency.

  1. “We’ll have your website live in a week”

As inconvenient as it may be, well-constructed and highly-functional websites take time to build. If a company is willing to rush your project, it likely means they are willing to cut corners and provide you with a less-than-ideal product simply to cash in on your investment and impress you with their speed. And while having your website launched quickly may provide you with short-term gratification, in the long run it will cost you extra money when it no longer functions the way you need it to or begins to experience issues.

How BubbleUP does it differently: 

We don’t make promises about launch dates. Instead, we work diligently to have each stage of your project completed within a certain time range. However, there are often unexpected bumps along the way that can impact the amount of time it takes to complete your website. We are honest about these possibilities with our clients, and keep lines of communication open throughout the entire process to ensure you never feel left in the dark.

  1. “We can get you to the top of Google”

Marketing agencies who provide search engine optimization (SEO) services often make statements like this one. However, search engines like Google are constantly changing. What works and helps your site rank today may not work as effectively tomorrow. Google examines each website for a variety of factors, known as Google’s algorithm, and this algorithm never stays the same for long. So, when someone promises they can get you to the top of Google, or make your website rank on the first page, take what is being said with a grain of salt. Any wise SEO specialist knows not to overpromise on rankings. They are, however, willing to continuously monitor your performance and use the most effective tactics to make your business a success.

How BubbleUP does it differently: 

At BubbleUP, our Edmonton SEO specialists understand that there is no simple solution that works for every business. Each website, industry, and company in unique and requires a different approach. That’s why our team invests in research and analysis to determine what keywords work best for you, what approach will help you reach your goals, and which areas you should focus on. We won’t commit to specific outcomes until we are certain that our plan can convert and bring your business clients.

  1. “We’ll make you go viral”

If you use the internet even semi-regularly, you’ve probably heard the term “viral”. The word is used to describe content such as videos or articles that gain traction online quickly and reach a large audience (often millions of people). The issue with this statement is that viral content reaches a large audience organically. This means that the content isn’t pushed by advertisements or strategic campaigns. It’s simply a piece of content that viewers find interesting and that they share with their online communities. So, essentially, it is impossible for a marketing agency of any kind to control whether or not you go viral.

How BubbleUP does it differently:

Instead of aiming for a quick online “blow up” (which is unlikely even with the best of marketing strategies), we focus on producing month-over-month online growth for your business. We also strive for quality followers and engagement, instead of buying you followers or getting you engagement from viewers who are unlikely to ever purchase your product or visit your store.

  1. “Our team works remotely”

This could mean that the marketing agency you are speaking to has staff members in your city that work from home, but it could also mean that they outsource work to other countries. And while this isn’t a bad thing, in theory, it could mean you are paying a hefty bill for the work, and they are having it done elsewhere for half the cost. As someone who is investing significantly in the work being done for you, you have a right to know where that work is being completed and by whom. Don’t be afraid to ask! A legitimate agency has nothing to hide.

How BubbleUP does it differently:

All of our staff work right here in Edmonton. (With the exception of one highly-talented graphic designer who moved to British Columbia, but he is in contact with us daily thanks to the wonders of the internet!) We pride ourselves on hiring skilled internet marketers, web developers and designers from right here in Edmonton, and enjoy being a part of our community. We encourage clients to stop by any time, and always host discovery meetings where you can meet our team and put a face to the name that will be popping up in your e-mail quite frequently!

  1. “I’ll meet you at a coffee shop”

This is also a tell-tale sign that the agency you are working with isn’t established. Without having a physical location to invite you to, they are likely working remotely, with their team all interacting online. It will be difficult to meet with their team if something last-minute comes up, since they all have to leave their homes to meet in one location. It also means that they don’t necessarily work typical business hours, and could be in the very beginning stages of their business.

How BubbleUP does it differently:

We have been been operating in Edmonton for over 12. We have deep roots in the Edmonton marketing world, and have a longstanding record of happy clients and successful projects. We are able to host you and your team at our offices, complete with a latte and snacks! We always make it a priority to ensure our clients are comfortable and welcomed in our space.

Interested in learning more about how we do things differently? Contact us to learn more about our full service marketing capabilities.


We can guarantee they won’t say any of the phrases mentioned in this article.

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