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Online Sales Funnels: The Future of Internet Marketing

In today’s world, almost every business has customers that connect with them online. Whether your customers are searching for your location on Google Maps, visiting your website contact page, or sending you a message on Facebook… they are finding you using the Internet.

But what if there was a way to direct your online customers, leading them exactly where you want them to go? With online sales funnels, this is now possible.

What is an online sales funnel?

An online sales funnel is a marketing structure that guides potential clients through a methodical process with the end goal of making a purchase or booking a service.

For example: If a spa was offering a discount on pedicures, we could create a custom sales funnel specifically for this offer. The pages are sales-optimized, meaning they are much more action focused and are designed to keep customers moving through the buying process. As customers land on the page, click for more information, etc. BubbleUP is able to see exactly how many steps a customer has taken. Even better, when a customer submits their contact information to receive the offer, you receive a report about that person’s online standing, including how likely they are to purchase online, how active an online shopper they are, and more!

The Process

In the past, online marketing funnels looked like the flowchart below, with little to no tracking available. Now, we are able to map out and measure the whole process, then determine what actions we want your target audience to take, for example:

See Facebook Advertisement -> Click Ad -> Visit Funnel Page -> Click Button to Book Appointment -> Fill Out Contact Form -> Receive Thank You Email with Appointment Info.

By mapping out all of the steps we want your target audience to take, we are able to ensure that each phase of the user experience is optimized and working, turning cold leads into warm customers.

What are the benefits of online sales funnels?

  1. Sales funnels eliminate your customer’s ability to get distracted online and click away from the path you want them to take.
  2. It allows you to see precisely where your traffic is dropping off in your sales process, making it easier for you to fix these specific areas rather than adjusting your entire campaign.
  3. Enables better forecasting of sales and leads, based on conversion rates and current engagement. You are able to see what is working and what isn’t, then subsequently invest your money where it makes the most sense.

Added bonus: e-mail marketing integration!

Did you know that you can take your online sales funnel one step further by integrating it with e-mail marketing?

Imagine that a customer has moved through your entire online sales process, clicking on your ad, visiting your page, and then submitting their info to book a service with your company. That’s fantastic! But now what?

If you had an automated e-mail marketing funnel, they could automatically be entered into an email sequence! Part of what we do at BubbleUP is set up pre-programmed emails that are sent to your customers at various time intervals.

bup process

For example, we would set up an email that is automatically delivered the day after anyone fills out the contact form on your landing page. This means that after an online visitor hits “Submit”, they receive an email the next day letting them know about your latest special offer.

But that’s not all! If they click on the link in that email to view your special offer but did not take advantage of it, they would trigger another email! This email would be delivered one day later, asking the customer if they are certain that they do not want to book a service using this limited time promotion.

Automated e-mails make follow-up a breeze! They remove the pressure on business owners to constantly reach out to potential customers, freeing up your time while also meeting the needs of clients and keeping the lines of connection open.

E-mail Marketing Services

Could a professionally designed sales funnel save your business time? 

Learn more about how our E-mail Marketing Services could help automate your business today!

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